Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A new era (or just another phase)

Well..umm, damn this is awkward.

How do you even revive a blog? Sure 6 months may not seem like a lot but internet time it's a damn eternity.

It's funny how your perception of time changes, I mean with the end of 2012 right around the corner I think how fast this year went by and how easy days go by without you even noticing, but then at the same time I look at all these posts I made back in the beginning of they year and they feel really far away, hell I might even dare to say I feel like someone different, after all in this 6 months I had the best vacations of my life, turned 18, started a new semester, met tons of people and I even managed to become even lazier.

So today I was here taking a break from not doing my homework and procrastinating things and suddenly thinking of how fast the year went by I remembered one of the goals I was supposed to do this year, which is starting a blog and updating it regular, well that one went down quick.

In a desperate attempt to keep wasting my time I decided to start again, and instead of writting 5 pages of all these new opinions I've gained over the months I'll just post them along the days, let's see how long I last this time.

I'll close this post with at least something relevant to the blog:
Dota 2 is an awesome game and it is probably more addictive than tobacco, but the details on that await on another post.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A new wind, Deus Ex: HR review

Today I remembered I had a blog and finally got the energy to start writing on it again, I'm really sad this just turned out to be yet another proof at I'm a lazy procrastinating bum, I just can't seem to get a steady hobby to do, because just in a few weeks I get tired and it feels more like an obligation, I'm such a failure when it comes to this type of stuff, same happened trying to learn the guitar, piano, harmonica, trying to learn how to do 3d models, how to get into the whole visual effects thing. I get a lot of energy to do it start very enthusiastic and lose interest in a couple of days/weeks/months, maybe is my way of trying everything to find what I love, but I really hate myself for it.

Anyway I don't want to lie to myself saying this time will be different and this time I will get on schedule and start blogging, but at least every now and then I'm gonna get this feeling that I should write again, if that's good enough, at least I made it to 100 before I lost it completely, thanks.

Well let's get right to it, Deus Ex: Human Revolution:
The recent sequel of Deus Ex a game that still is incredibly awesome, maybe the graphics didn't age too well, but that would be a really really bad excuse to not play such a great game that was decades ahead of it's time.

Of course there is Invisible wars, but we don't like that, we really don't..... seriously don't even mention the name.

So does Human Revolution live up to the great Deus Ex name?
Fuck yes.

This game did everything right to not be an exact rehash of the original but stayed close enough to not be considered another great franchise ruined, one of the best things about Deus Ex is how you can enter any mission and complete it any way you want, either go in there as a psycho and kill everyone, or go super snake mode and get the mission done without ever getting seen, this and the fact that the story is so flexible depending in your actions makes Deus Ex what it is, Human Revolution did this right and adapted well to modern games, some argue cover system and simplified choices ruined the game, in my opinion cover system was a great way to improve your stealth technique and prevent it of being frustrating and the simple choices could be better but certainly don't ruin the game.

Overall you just get a feeling you don't get from many games, it's incredibly fun and you will definitely will want to play it more than once.

This without a doubt is my pick for GOTY 2011.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not dead, EA is the worst company of americ

Ok, so if you didn't notice by the 2 weeks of no updates I was in vacation, and will be next week too so that's that, I just can't get around on finishing reviews and end up wasting a lot of time on the net, I finally finished Deus Ex HR so that's coming soon.

In other news April fool's was kind of weak this year except for the google earth quest map and the Toonami revival that led to thousands of fans to ask for it to come back for real, now that's something I would like.

Aaaand in other news, EA was declared the worst company in america as of right now, Ouch.

I mean I'm not ssaying it's a good company, not one bit, but worse than the bank of america, worse than any other company out there..... well, let's just hope this sends the message to EA, so they stop milking sports franchises, turning every good franchise into shit and trying to launch a digital distribution program that competes with steam and ahs intrusive DRM.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Walking Dead Finale

Well finally midterms are over tomorrow, and I just realized I haven't updated almost since they started, so what better thing to post about than the season 2 finale of one of the most watched TV shows.

Or maybe the comic it's all based on? yeah that seems about right, so if you don't watch the series already that really is no excuse for no reading the comics, I mean I am no comic reader myself, maybe read only the most popular ones and I never got into a comic series, but I'm in vol 7 of the walking dead right now, and I gotta tell you it's fucking awesome, and with a very different feel of the show too.

So if you have read the comics I know you were as exited as me when the prison was shown at the end, even if you haven't because most people agree that this is where the comics kick off and get real good.

Well let's just hope the series does too, they have treated a lot of things differently and skipped a lot of scenes that maybe would be too gruesome for TV, but for the most part and at the end of the day, it's just a zombie show to keep you entertained, maybe it has some flawed logic or bad dialog, too me it's like watching a horror movie, or a horror show rather.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mass effect 3 sucks?!?

So the Mass Effect series has been going on for a while now and it's often praised for it's desicion making gameplay, and though it doesn't reach deus ex levels where you can really get different endings, the relationships between the characters do change

So with a series this anticipated is hard to please all fans, but damn, as soon as the game was out, thousands of angry bioware fans and haters started picking on every single detail and the war commenced, I don't wanna spoil the ending but you probably won't like it and there are a lot of posts going around saying how they used stock photos for several things and claimed them as their own, how they copied other games, etc.

Personally I've never been a fan of the series but the discussions are just too loud for me to not hear them, and if anything this game did cause some controversy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The avengers, Men in Black 3

Well I'm running out of excuses but it's the same as last week, it doesn't feel like I posted so long ago but I did, and I can't say there's nothing to talk about because there is, a lot.

However I'm going to skip any games today and talk some movies, specifically 2 trailers released this week, the avengers and MIB 3, one being one of the movies that has so much hype build up that I will be impressed if it lives to it's expectations and the other being a sequel to one of my favorite movies.

As for now both movies look really good, Avengers feels like its gonna be Iron Man 3: Look How Awesome I Am, and hey I'm not complaining it looks awesome and I can't wait to see it, same with MIB 3 that young K had me going for a while.

I really don't wanna say it ahs to be good or bad but I obviously hope they are both a success, until then we can only wait and rewatch that last scene of the avengers trailer, so good.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goodfellas (1990)

Jesus every time I remember my blog I'm like, hmm I think it's been 2 days since I wrote something, turns out there were 4, and now, well like 5 days and nothing, sorry but I've been really busy with my homework, I think C++ is gonna drive me nuts.

Anyway, since I got no time for cinemas, I decided to start doing reviews on classics and just plain old movies, maybe I'll do some I've watched more in the future, but for now, Goodfellas, for some reason I went my whole life without seeing it until now, and god is it good.

So unless it's a really known film, I won't fuck around in classic reviews, I mean if you really wanted to know if it was good, you would've already know, considering is considered in every other top 10 of all time.

But hey I can give you my opinion about the movie, I started watching and didn't even know it was based on a book or that the book was based on real life, so I was kind of expecting the same godfather mobster story we've all heard thousands of times, and I was really impressed with what I got, just the story of a man who became gangster, made his way up the mob and then fucked everything up, but every part of his life feels important, you have to be paying attention to so much at the same time, that it makes you feel really connected to the character, since you know what he went through and why he's doing what he's doing.

At the end of the day, what makes it good it's that it feels real, the actors and the actions feel real, well maybe because they were.

I could go on on every single detail of what makes it good or mention that half the cast here is in the Sopranos, I'm just gonna drop you a piece of trivia instead:

"The word "fuck" is used 296 times, for an average of 2.04 fucks per minute. About half of them are said by Joe Pesci."

Yeah, you know you're in for a ride, seriously if you haven't watched it, go now, GO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOIN JESUS CHRIST.

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Facry and Borderlands?

Days fly when you are stressed huh? Hey how about some game news

Borderlands 2 had it's trailer a couple of days ago and I admit it looks pretty cool, but the first thing I thought when I saw this trailer was of the Farcry 3 trailer, I really, REALLY hope this trend of making game trailers with dubstep doesn't catch on, I mean I'm pretty sure I've seen it in other trailers but this ones are the most recent, but hell both games look cool so they might be worth checking out.

What bothers me of this is that they try to attract the masses or the "Call of Duty audiences" as some call it, with this pumped trailer with a cool shooter where you are a superhero, with words like EPIC FIGHTING flying around the trailer, I get it, it looks cool, just show me more gameplay and less repetitive music.

Only time will tell if this is yet another way to casualize and bring to the masses the VG industry, some say is completely bad, I say the industry growing is good, but to a certain extent, we don't want rehash after rehash of games that could've easily been just a DLC download right? Oh wait..... MW3

Monday, February 20, 2012

Still here, The Walking dead

Damn days seem to go flying by, and saturday classes don't help my weekend, or 1 day off.

So I've been watching the walking dead since the beginning, and unless you have absolutely no interest for TV shows you probably already watched at least one episode.

And the show came back for the last half of the second season 2 weeks ago, all I can say is that I can see why people wouldn't like this show, specially if you are in it exclusively for the zombies.

It's mostly agreed season 1 was pretty solid, mostly because it didn't have a lot of episodes in the season, so it felt more fast paced and less "boring" scenes, in season 2 the first half was pretty good in my opinion, but there was a lot of character development and changes done to them, so here is where most people had trouble with the show, everyone just wants to see action and it ends up having 30 minutes of development and mostly no zombies and 10 minutes of HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT HEADSHOT.

Still this last Sunday's episode proved that the show is still going strong and had me interested for next week for the first time in quite a while

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Competitive gaming??

So there has been not much to update on, watching some old simpsons seasons and playing tribes.

Actually I've been playing so much tribes that it occurred to me it would be a good idea to get into competitive gaming, and while I just decided this, my first match is gonna be like 2 weeks from now,  I really don't know what to make of it, if I should keep practicing, or just take it as some casual pro gaming.

I suppose I will never make anything too big if I take it too casually, considering this is my first try to get into any type of competitive matches, not because I don't think I'm not good enough, but because I never take games too seriously, I don't think I have enough dedication for that kind of thing and until now it has been just a big hobby that I really enjoy.

But oh well let's see how it goes

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Binding of Isaac Review

Well it's been a while since a game review this seems about right:

So in case you were off the internet in the last couple of months, you heard about this indie game, from the creators of Super meat boy, which very quickly turned into a game known for old-school platform "hardcore" gamers, and well the praise was right, not many casual gamers would be able to pick up the game and start going through the levels, so what do you get when this guys make a rougelike game with mechanics similar to original Legend of Zelda?

Well, you get a pretty good game apparently, you start every game as a naked crying boy who is escaping from his mother, he enters his basement which apparently is huge, full of monsters and has a gateway to hell, however getting there won't be easy, as every dungeon is randomly generated if time you start a new game, which will be a lot, since every time you die, you have to start again and get new random luck, one game you can get awful items and no bombs or keys, and the next game you can get the best items with skeleton keys and money.

And while this game is a lost luck-based, not even all the luck in the world will save you if you suck at the game, you will have to learn enemy patterns and watch out for every projectile on the screen, hearts are valuable here unlike a lot of games, since if you die once, you die in that game and lose everything.

This game is the definition of replay value, no matter how many times you finish it you can always pick it up and start again, every time is a different experience.

Even if you think the game is too hard for you, it certainly is worth a try, and for an indie game, you get a lot of game time for little money.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Beavis and Butthead

Yeah I'm a little late to the show I know, but in case you are too:

Beavis and Butt-head premiered again about a month ago, and against all odds and series ruining tradition, it's good.

Good if you liked the original that is, honestly back when it was still airing, I'd watch it for a couple of minutes then just change the channel, but I missed it once it was gone, mainly because something horrible happened with MTV in the last 6 years, somehow they manage to turn jackass, ren and stimpy and beavis and butthead into jersey shore, teenage pregnancy and [insert recent retarded show].

So with MTV in it's worse no one expected any more from this, and they performed it pretty good, moving the formula to more contemporary events and had me laughing all the way through the movie, hell just watch the intro where they start making fun of twilight, you'll see what I'm talking about

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Half-Life 2, message to valve

I normally try to keep the games I review or talk about fairly new, or if they are not new at least not so well-known , so I can still give a somehow new opinion, but with games like half-life what can I say that hasn't been said already?

There is really no point on going through every detail of the game like thousand others already did over the years, but yesterday something different happened.

Steam users from everywhere united yesterday at 11Am PST to play Half-Life 2, calling the event "A red letter day". And this was done as a message to valve to remember them that the hype is still there and even more so than ever, with last year fake teases for Ep. 3 a lot of people started speculating again, and there's a rumor going around that we are finally gonna see some action this E3.

So with this red letter day I decided to talk a little about how I feel towards the series, but not so much a full review, since as I said, I can't really add much because almost everything has been said.

Personally my favorite game was the first one, the pacing, enemies and overall feel of the game was just perfect, and being one of the first games that tells you the story by actually playing through it and no cut scenes, was really something new back then, after that the HL2 series, which includes HL2, Ep. 1 and Ep. 2, supposedly there was supposed to be Ep. 3 next, but after so many years in development, people think it migh as well just be HL3, anyway the games fell revolutionizing again and I admuit there are about one or two sections that the game could be without, the game is still a perfect example of how shooters should be done, and of course with HL2 was introduced Source engine, which was and still is a milestone of gaming.

Basically, one of the few series I can pick up any day and start playing it all over again, a great addition to video-game history and hopefully HL3 won't be any less good.

With that I say good day, and enjoy the Super Bowl.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So how about those speedruns?

So I accidentally got into speedruns lately, I used to see them as just a fast play through and wouldn't see it unless I really wanted to see a certain part of the game, or how gameplay works, but recently there was a speedrun marathon in speed demos archive and it started, from Tony hawk to Serious sam there were tons of speedruns, and I found them a great way to kill boredom.

And of course Mario 64 which is what got me hooked the most, it is just so impressive to see a guy do in a minute what could take you 20 to do, the am amount of dedication and skill all these speedrunners have is truly impressive and lately there have been a lot of world record attempts/speedrun races, always fun to see too guys going as fast as they can cringing every time they can't get the perfect jump.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not much to say, too much to do

So yeah I've been having to work my ass off this new semester so I haven't really been on the lookout for anything that doesn't land right in front of my face, at least weekends exist, too bad it's only Tuesday.

So there was this new Dr. Who game that was being made, the trailer looked awesome and really made me hype the game, recently a new trailer got released aaaaand... well you should see for yourself, all I'm thinking is I might check it out but it's not something I will be excited for.

Oh in some movie news, this teaser was released with Mathew Broderick and CHKCHKA and everyone was excited as fuck thinking Ferris Bueller 2, turns out it was just a long Honda ad, and while it was awesome for a moment to think about a second movie with a grown up Broderick pretty much all it did was excite a lot of fans and get them mad to Honda.

Also, lately I have been watching some twitchtv and playing some S.T.A.L.K.E.R, whenever I have at least a second of free time, and well let's say with Megaupload dead and a lot of movie streaming sites dead, watching speedruns and game streams has been quite enjoyable lately, well that's just some stuff I wanted to say, also trying to keep the blog updated and not dead, later.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Taken (2008)

Oh god I can't take this never-ending flood of classes and projects, and it's only the first week! Hey let's take a look at a movie I saw just recently:

So everybody knows Liam Neeson is a goddamn badass, and if you forgot that for whatever reason, this movie is there to make you remember it, I was seeing a list of movies that no one can hate, Back to the future, Pulp Fiction, you know the classics, then I found Mean Girls in there and at first I was astonished, but when I though about it, I've never met someone who hates Mean Girls, anyway after some more movies I found Taken, I heard a lot about this movie but it being in this list made me watch it right away, and boy was it good.

The whole movie feels great and gives you a sense of adventure and satisfaction every time Liam pull another trick off his sleeve, it's like he is always one step ahead of his enemies, some may call this a senseless action movie, well don't listen to those people, this movie is great because it's not afraid to show what it is, a great action movie with an almost super-human hero, seriously this guy is like the goddamn batman when it comes to finding clues and planning ahead.

So if you are looking for a "generic" action movie you better go see Transformers 3 or something like that, if you are looking for a good action/detective movie, this is for you, keeping the world realistic but making your character a genius is better than a universe where everything explodes by touch.

Great movie 8.3/10

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TMNT new game??

So this week a rumor was spread that rocksteady (Batman Arkham series devs) are in charge of the latest installment including our favorite turtles, so far the rumor seems solid enough as there apparently a lot of details of the game:

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Manhattan Crisis is the alleged name of the title.
- Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo are the four playable characters, each with their own varied move set and weapon of choice (sword, bo staff, sai, and nunchucku…respectively).
- Flashbacks are played as Master Splinter/Hamato Yoshi.
- Shurikens, smoke bombs, grappling hooks, and climbing foot spikes.
- Gameplay and story/stage progression similar to Batman: Arkham City.
- The game is expected to be more dark than slapstick, but the turtles themselves and their interactions with the Foot Clan, bosses, and story characters like April O’Neil and Casey Jones will still have comedy attached.
- Purportedly being in development for Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.
- Careful selection of voice actors to bring the universe to life as well as Rocksteady did with their two Batman games. 

Those are a few of the details behind this rumor, see more here.

I see this as a potentially awesome game basing my opinion of the work they did with batman.

Monday, January 23, 2012

So many things, so little time and TRIBES

Welp I finally entered college again, so I will try to make long reviews on weekends and whenever I can in between but sometimes is just too much, since I can make a long review, here'ssomething to keep you entretained

Tribes: Ascend, now you may be saying, What a GOOD F2P that's not TF2? YEP

If you don't know about tribes I recommend you to see some frag videos and get hyped to play it, because it's gonna be completely free and is currently under closed beta, what's that, you don't want to wait? well then just go to Tribes Facebook page and like them to get a closed beta key.

Also, yes halo was based from the original tribes, so it doesn't look like halo, halo looks like it.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Resident Evil 6

Oh boy do we have something promising here, it's been a while since Resident Evil 5 which had mixed reviews, personally I didn't like it that much, because the game itself it was a pretty fun, specially with someone to do co-op with, but as a RE game it took a really bad direction, taking out even more survival horror and putting in more mindless action, making it easy for the player with loads of ammo and health, RE4 is one of my personal favorites of all times, by the trailer it looks like the game is going with the 5 direction, hopefully I'm wrong and it goes more RE4 combined with the classics, I would really love that.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scream 4 (2011) Review

Oh boy is time for a horror movie, how about Scream 4:

 So, let me start off by saying, I'm a big horror fan, unfortunately being a horror fan in these days means you will have to put up with a lot of shit, since the genre is filled with bad cliches, predictable and generic plots, jump scares, bad acting, etc. And this has only got worse through time, the good thing however is that many good horror movies were made in the 70s-90s and even the ones that aren't good can be really entreating too.

So in 1996 the slasher genre was about to die, Halloween, the one who popularized the genre spawned hundreds of slasher films and by this year, they were pretty much dead, Wes Craven, the director of Nightmare on Elm St. decided to make one last horror film to get done with the genre, a self-aware movie that made fun of all these cliches and bad acting from the slasher era.

To everyone's surprise Scream was a big hit, and re-spawned the genre even creating the parody movie series scary movie, after this the sequels started, but they had to keep the whole self aware thing going, and I'm glad how they managed the sequels, they knew what we were expecting so they throw some twists at you.

The scream trilogy ended and everyone praised it for introducing all the classics to a new generation and for being the one movie that breaks the cliches by making fun of them, recently Scream 4 was released and wit was treated yet again with the same self awareness, knowing that it was a reboot and treating it like one, not too similar to the other ones, but at the same time not a completely knew thing.

The movie itself was not bad, and I genuinely did not expect the twist at the end, I think in fact that they did all they could to make this a good movie, the problem is reboots are mostly considered a bad thing, because you got a big franchise to live up for, after watching all of them together however, it feels like a nice addition to the franchise, but let's hope it keeps in 4.

The characters were good, the usage of technology and social life in the internet was well used, hell if they want to keep making reboots everyone should look on this one, and while I don't think it's better than the trilogy, I do think it's a pretty good movie, and a must see if Scream fan, furthermore if you haven't watched the original trilogy, then why are you reading this GO SEE IT!

I give it a 8.1/10

Monday, January 16, 2012

Super Meat Boy Review

Seems like I'm finally able to play online again, lets see how that goes.

Anyway, today's review: Super Meat Boy (AKA so hard you are gonna cry like a bitch).

So a lot has been said about SMB but I recently started playing it and holy shit is it hard, however there is a difference  in frustrating hard and fun hard, this game is hard but fun.

Back in the day, the hardware limitations in consoles like the NES and even some of the Snes made it so in order to increase the length of the game they would increase the difficulty, some of the games were so hard that the term "Nintendo hard" was born, because as the NES grew popular thousand and thousands of half-assed games came to the light, and what better way to make a short game seem longer than by putting impossible difficulties and hours of boring grinding.

So by every good, fun hard game we got like contra, where you can feel in  control of all your bullets and every time you died you felt like it was really your fault, we got 20 bad games where the bad controls and super strong enemies made everything harder.

This game is one of the good ones, the controllers are so tight that every time you die you know exactly where you screw-up and believe me you are gonna be dying a lot, other than the controllers we go the gameplay, the game moves so fast that you literally have no time to get frustrated, in other games if you die after a long lever you go "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-" while the "you are dead" screen ends and you can begin playing again, then after some dethas you go "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-"
while the cointinue screen ends, from here the rage may vary, depending onhow many continues you get, how much did you lose, etc.

In SMB however if you die, you just instantly respawn at the start of the level, there are even no loading screens to get you mad, so if you die at the end of a level you go "FF- oh time to play again", the combination of great gameplay, perfect controllers and a great series of different levels really make this a great games if you are looking for a challenge.

Overall, if you are looking for a hard game that is not frustrating, this is for you, the game is still very hard and sometimes it can indeed get you mad, but this game is all about old school Nintendo hard gameplay, definetley don't get this if you are looking for a relaxing game.

It gets 8/10

Friday, January 13, 2012

Source Code (2011)

It seems like this shitty internet is never gonna end, hopefully I got my wii working again so I can just space off when it starts failing, anyway movie review time:

So let me start off saying that if a movie has time travel bor anything that involves playing with time, I am instantly interested, and while this movie doesn't have time travel itself, it does involve time loops, think the groundhog day but 8 minutes instead of a day.

This got me interested right from the beginning, having the opportunity to make everything perfect by knowing how shit goes down is a great premise.

Our hero is Colter Stevens a US air force soldier  played by Jake Gyllenhaal (AKA Donnie Darko) and the movie starts with him not knowing what's going on, he goes to the bathroom only to see another face in the mirror, he doesn't know what's going on and then the train blows up, BOOM (and we can keep seeing this awesome explosion throughout the movie)

Along the movie we learn that the source code is a program that allows someone to enter a recreated world of the last 8 minutes in someone's mind (supposedly like a black box of humans), this source code perfectly recreates our world and how things would've gone if people acted differently, he can literally go out of the train and the source code still works basically creating an alternate reality for 8 minutes, this however is not a time machine and everything that happens in the source code is just part of the program, this whole program is for Colter to find the terrorist and stop him before he blows up something else in real life.

Colter does the time loop over and over, and each time he learns new things about everyone in the train and at the same time grows more fond of the woman in front of him, at the same time he starts growing more curious on why is he there and where is his crew is, in the alternate world he investigates about himself and realizes he is dead.

Turns out Colter is dead and his brain is being kept functional with a chamber, some more time loops and then the end.

I would tell you the end but goddamn I don't want to spoil it, it is real good, so I recommend seeing it for yourself.

Overall the movie felt pretty good and the characters were likable and while the idea of the Source Code is a little far fetched it really comes out well as a Sci-Fi. If you like things that involve time shifting, this one is for you.

I give it a 8.5/10

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Portal 2 Review

So far I'm liking this movie/game review so I think I'll be alternating between the two making a review once every 2 or 3 days, anyway today's review:

So, in case I've been too subtle about it, I fucking love TF2, in fact I pretty much love most games by Valve, so since the only problem I had with portal 1 was it's shortness, when this was announced I was pretty excited, unfortunately I couldn't buy the game on release, but I just had to wait a couple of months for portal 2 to get new DLC and be on sale, note that valve is the only company I can think of that not only gives free DLC but actually makes the game cheaper.

So I'll just start off with the things I don't like, a lot of reviews said "this game was too easy compared to the first one" and I don't agree, because while it was not hard, sometimes you could be stuck the longest time over the most stupid thing, that feel when you have been trying to do something for 15 minutes just to realize the answer was right in your face doesn't compare to anything, so no it's not too easy, but it's too linear rather. And I'm not saying going chamber to chamber linear because that's what I expected when I bought the game, I'm saying that the non-portable surfaces in this game are ridiculous sometimes the puzzle is just finding the white wall to make the portal, the first time I played portal 1, specially in the last chambers I actually feel like there are a lot of ways to do the same puzzle, in portal 2 it may take you a while to do it, but once you do you realize that was the only way to go.
With that being said, the last chambers, right about the time you get the white gel, starts getting a lot better, since you can actually make more portable surfaces so you feel more freedom, and with that I move on to the next thing.

Characters, portal 1 had Chell and Glados and.... that's it, Glados was really funny and I certainly didn't expect the part where she tries to kill you the first time, but you can't really say any character is brilliantly written in portal 1, in 2 however we start off with Wheatley, and god I can't help but to laugh at most things he says. He is just so well written and has a brilliant VA, some goes for Glados and Cave Johnson and that makes it so that at almost every part of the game you are hearing an awesome character, the story felt much more immersive and well written.

I've also heard a lot of people complain about the lenght of portal 2 saying it was still too short, and personally while would love more content, I really don't see how valve could make the game any longer without it feeling tedious and repetitive.

About the Multiplayer Co-op I only had the chance to play the first 7-10 levels with a friend, and I just haven't have time since then but it's really fun, you can just play with a random stranger but playing with a friend and screwing up together just had me laughing the whole time. 

And overall the game just feels good, even if you think some random chamber was too easy you still enjoy the game, or at least I know I did, definite well earned spot in GOTY and I would recommend buying it if you still haven't, the game went $7 on this Christmas sale so maybe you can trade a game with a friend for it.

I give it a 9.1/10

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Thing (2011) Review

I don't know if I'll ever be able to get out from this bad internet hell, at least yesterday I could play TF2 for an hour before it starting.
Anyway, while I can and probably will talk about new weapons, updates etc. and since this is the digital era I decided to post about movies too, every time I see a fairly new movie, or maybe even a classic, I'll try to make a short review about it. Today: The Thing

Ohh man, let's start by saying that this is the reboot of a movie that's considered one of the greatest horror films in history, just that has to make it a bit interesting, you also have to notice that I used the word "reboot" and that changes everything.

When you see a remake of an old, good movie you go to see it expecting to have a similar experience than when you saw the original, and since many few ones can actually manage to be as good as the first, they are usually conidered bad.

However when I went to see this movie I was fully aware that it was a prequel and I tried to go see it with the lowest expectations possible, the result is a fairly enjoyable and watchable movie.

While I like the original a lot more, this one is certainly not a horrible movie, and it really makes you feel isolated in a little shed in the middle of snow. The reactions were somehow believable and it had some good characters.

However it's not a perfect movie and the flaws tend to stick out more than the goodies, and the first thing you notice are the special effects, let's just say, it's not going to be nominated for an oscar soon, the first time you see the thing, the special effects make you feel like you are watching an Eddie Murphy comedy, sometimes the effects weren't THAT bad, but my god you just have to have some standards and this movie really went below them, other than that I really didn't like the main character and found myself caring more about some of the ones that were killed off immediately.

Well  that's really the only problems I had with the movie, but since the special effects stand out so much, it makes it look a lot worse, but in this times of horrible remakes after horrible reboots this one at least enjoyable and a must see if you are a fan of the first one.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well my internet has been REALLY bad lately, I can't play more than10 minutes without getting disconnected, even when I do, my ping is horrible, so I've been having to lay low on Tribes and TF2, but hey, hre's a new singleplayer game: Bastion

I heard a lot of things about it and finally decided to get in on this steam sale, and well, it wasn't bad.

Gameplay, kind of reminds me of diablo 2, but that's not the highlight of the game, story? nope.
Artstyle and soundtrack is where Bastion shines, I'm not  the biggest fan of hack and slash games because it feels like it get's repetitive too fast, but even if it's not your type of game, the artwork and graphics are still beautiful.
These days every game seems to be brown and bloom with blood everywhere, it's nice to see such a colorful and yet not childish game.

And about the soundtrack, well, you just have to listen it for yourself, but let me tell you, it makes up for anything else you don't like.

I guess it just comes to show how many layers a video game can have, and it's not just about the story or gameplay.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Batman Arkham City Part 2

I went in a full batman marathon, and it was worth it.
I just logged around 23 hours, and what can I say, everything I said stands true, I think this game is so good, not only because you like the hero, but you even feel it for the villians, not want to spoil anything but oh my god, the story is great.
Gameplay-wise I couldn't ask for more, every movement feels freeflowing, completing that 50x combo is just the most rewarding feel, the only problem is that after so many ours in a row, you kind of start noticing a pattern, I'm sure that it will go away in a few days.

This is a must buy in my list of games, and my personal favorite from the last few years, but now I probably go ahead and play some Tribes: Ascend

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Batman Arkham City

Ok I might actuially stay updating this time, let's tart with Arkham city, my personal GOTY, everything in this game feels right, I just finished the main story and some challenges, I only got 40% done, with that kind of content alone it leaves a lot of contestants out, against skyrim, well I guess I like batman that much.

The thing about this game, it makes you feel in control, it actually makes you feel like batman, easily one of the best superhero games ever.