Monday, January 23, 2012

So many things, so little time and TRIBES

Welp I finally entered college again, so I will try to make long reviews on weekends and whenever I can in between but sometimes is just too much, since I can make a long review, here'ssomething to keep you entretained

Tribes: Ascend, now you may be saying, What a GOOD F2P that's not TF2? YEP

If you don't know about tribes I recommend you to see some frag videos and get hyped to play it, because it's gonna be completely free and is currently under closed beta, what's that, you don't want to wait? well then just go to Tribes Facebook page and like them to get a closed beta key.

Also, yes halo was based from the original tribes, so it doesn't look like halo, halo looks like it.


  1. oohh this looks interesting, maybe halo stole ideas from them

  2. good to know, gonna check it out :D

  3. Seen some videos of this game before, looks really good.

  4. omg omg omg omg used to smash tribes back in the day female light armor smallest thing around xD