Monday, April 23, 2012

A new wind, Deus Ex: HR review

Today I remembered I had a blog and finally got the energy to start writing on it again, I'm really sad this just turned out to be yet another proof at I'm a lazy procrastinating bum, I just can't seem to get a steady hobby to do, because just in a few weeks I get tired and it feels more like an obligation, I'm such a failure when it comes to this type of stuff, same happened trying to learn the guitar, piano, harmonica, trying to learn how to do 3d models, how to get into the whole visual effects thing. I get a lot of energy to do it start very enthusiastic and lose interest in a couple of days/weeks/months, maybe is my way of trying everything to find what I love, but I really hate myself for it.

Anyway I don't want to lie to myself saying this time will be different and this time I will get on schedule and start blogging, but at least every now and then I'm gonna get this feeling that I should write again, if that's good enough, at least I made it to 100 before I lost it completely, thanks.

Well let's get right to it, Deus Ex: Human Revolution:
The recent sequel of Deus Ex a game that still is incredibly awesome, maybe the graphics didn't age too well, but that would be a really really bad excuse to not play such a great game that was decades ahead of it's time.

Of course there is Invisible wars, but we don't like that, we really don't..... seriously don't even mention the name.

So does Human Revolution live up to the great Deus Ex name?
Fuck yes.

This game did everything right to not be an exact rehash of the original but stayed close enough to not be considered another great franchise ruined, one of the best things about Deus Ex is how you can enter any mission and complete it any way you want, either go in there as a psycho and kill everyone, or go super snake mode and get the mission done without ever getting seen, this and the fact that the story is so flexible depending in your actions makes Deus Ex what it is, Human Revolution did this right and adapted well to modern games, some argue cover system and simplified choices ruined the game, in my opinion cover system was a great way to improve your stealth technique and prevent it of being frustrating and the simple choices could be better but certainly don't ruin the game.

Overall you just get a feeling you don't get from many games, it's incredibly fun and you will definitely will want to play it more than once.

This without a doubt is my pick for GOTY 2011.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not dead, EA is the worst company of americ

Ok, so if you didn't notice by the 2 weeks of no updates I was in vacation, and will be next week too so that's that, I just can't get around on finishing reviews and end up wasting a lot of time on the net, I finally finished Deus Ex HR so that's coming soon.

In other news April fool's was kind of weak this year except for the google earth quest map and the Toonami revival that led to thousands of fans to ask for it to come back for real, now that's something I would like.

Aaaand in other news, EA was declared the worst company in america as of right now, Ouch.

I mean I'm not ssaying it's a good company, not one bit, but worse than the bank of america, worse than any other company out there..... well, let's just hope this sends the message to EA, so they stop milking sports franchises, turning every good franchise into shit and trying to launch a digital distribution program that competes with steam and ahs intrusive DRM.