Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scream 4 (2011) Review

Oh boy is time for a horror movie, how about Scream 4:

 So, let me start off by saying, I'm a big horror fan, unfortunately being a horror fan in these days means you will have to put up with a lot of shit, since the genre is filled with bad cliches, predictable and generic plots, jump scares, bad acting, etc. And this has only got worse through time, the good thing however is that many good horror movies were made in the 70s-90s and even the ones that aren't good can be really entreating too.

So in 1996 the slasher genre was about to die, Halloween, the one who popularized the genre spawned hundreds of slasher films and by this year, they were pretty much dead, Wes Craven, the director of Nightmare on Elm St. decided to make one last horror film to get done with the genre, a self-aware movie that made fun of all these cliches and bad acting from the slasher era.

To everyone's surprise Scream was a big hit, and re-spawned the genre even creating the parody movie series scary movie, after this the sequels started, but they had to keep the whole self aware thing going, and I'm glad how they managed the sequels, they knew what we were expecting so they throw some twists at you.

The scream trilogy ended and everyone praised it for introducing all the classics to a new generation and for being the one movie that breaks the cliches by making fun of them, recently Scream 4 was released and wit was treated yet again with the same self awareness, knowing that it was a reboot and treating it like one, not too similar to the other ones, but at the same time not a completely knew thing.

The movie itself was not bad, and I genuinely did not expect the twist at the end, I think in fact that they did all they could to make this a good movie, the problem is reboots are mostly considered a bad thing, because you got a big franchise to live up for, after watching all of them together however, it feels like a nice addition to the franchise, but let's hope it keeps in 4.

The characters were good, the usage of technology and social life in the internet was well used, hell if they want to keep making reboots everyone should look on this one, and while I don't think it's better than the trilogy, I do think it's a pretty good movie, and a must see if Scream fan, furthermore if you haven't watched the original trilogy, then why are you reading this GO SEE IT!

I give it a 8.1/10


  1. You're generous, it's at most a 6. :P

  2. I love how self-aware the Scream franchise is. Plus, this movie had Alison Brie in it, so that automatically gives it 2 extra points.

  3. I did not like it that much :S

  4. i saw the new jason movie they released a few years ago but i have yet to see this film

  5. Gotta agree with Infinite. Still though worth a look if you're bored.

  6. actually im no fan of the scream series. the first scream movie was something like a classic but then it just got ridiculous imo. there are better horror movies out there