Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A new era (or just another phase)

Well..umm, damn this is awkward.

How do you even revive a blog? Sure 6 months may not seem like a lot but internet time it's a damn eternity.

It's funny how your perception of time changes, I mean with the end of 2012 right around the corner I think how fast this year went by and how easy days go by without you even noticing, but then at the same time I look at all these posts I made back in the beginning of they year and they feel really far away, hell I might even dare to say I feel like someone different, after all in this 6 months I had the best vacations of my life, turned 18, started a new semester, met tons of people and I even managed to become even lazier.

So today I was here taking a break from not doing my homework and procrastinating things and suddenly thinking of how fast the year went by I remembered one of the goals I was supposed to do this year, which is starting a blog and updating it regular, well that one went down quick.

In a desperate attempt to keep wasting my time I decided to start again, and instead of writting 5 pages of all these new opinions I've gained over the months I'll just post them along the days, let's see how long I last this time.

I'll close this post with at least something relevant to the blog:
Dota 2 is an awesome game and it is probably more addictive than tobacco, but the details on that await on another post.