Sunday, February 5, 2012

Half-Life 2, message to valve

I normally try to keep the games I review or talk about fairly new, or if they are not new at least not so well-known , so I can still give a somehow new opinion, but with games like half-life what can I say that hasn't been said already?

There is really no point on going through every detail of the game like thousand others already did over the years, but yesterday something different happened.

Steam users from everywhere united yesterday at 11Am PST to play Half-Life 2, calling the event "A red letter day". And this was done as a message to valve to remember them that the hype is still there and even more so than ever, with last year fake teases for Ep. 3 a lot of people started speculating again, and there's a rumor going around that we are finally gonna see some action this E3.

So with this red letter day I decided to talk a little about how I feel towards the series, but not so much a full review, since as I said, I can't really add much because almost everything has been said.

Personally my favorite game was the first one, the pacing, enemies and overall feel of the game was just perfect, and being one of the first games that tells you the story by actually playing through it and no cut scenes, was really something new back then, after that the HL2 series, which includes HL2, Ep. 1 and Ep. 2, supposedly there was supposed to be Ep. 3 next, but after so many years in development, people think it migh as well just be HL3, anyway the games fell revolutionizing again and I admuit there are about one or two sections that the game could be without, the game is still a perfect example of how shooters should be done, and of course with HL2 was introduced Source engine, which was and still is a milestone of gaming.

Basically, one of the few series I can pick up any day and start playing it all over again, a great addition to video-game history and hopefully HL3 won't be any less good.

With that I say good day, and enjoy the Super Bowl.


  1. hl and hl2 were some of the best games ever at their time, i played a lot of cs after that, dod, ricochet, and even the splat mod (paintball)
    hl2 will always be there, fuck all the new hype


    This timeline makes me so mad.

  3. Never even played a single second of any half-life game. >.< maybe I should catch up to the rest of the world.

  4. Too bad they gave no information about HL3. Really enjoyed the previous games.

  5. Hope we see half life 3 before i'm 40 :P (that's a long time from now)

  6. Oh man, I was so scared when I played the first Half-Life game because of all the barnacles that would drop their tongues out of nowhere. Not to mention the zombie headcrabs that would somehow come out from the side.