Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Binding of Isaac Review

Well it's been a while since a game review this seems about right:

So in case you were off the internet in the last couple of months, you heard about this indie game, from the creators of Super meat boy, which very quickly turned into a game known for old-school platform "hardcore" gamers, and well the praise was right, not many casual gamers would be able to pick up the game and start going through the levels, so what do you get when this guys make a rougelike game with mechanics similar to original Legend of Zelda?

Well, you get a pretty good game apparently, you start every game as a naked crying boy who is escaping from his mother, he enters his basement which apparently is huge, full of monsters and has a gateway to hell, however getting there won't be easy, as every dungeon is randomly generated if time you start a new game, which will be a lot, since every time you die, you have to start again and get new random luck, one game you can get awful items and no bombs or keys, and the next game you can get the best items with skeleton keys and money.

And while this game is a lost luck-based, not even all the luck in the world will save you if you suck at the game, you will have to learn enemy patterns and watch out for every projectile on the screen, hearts are valuable here unlike a lot of games, since if you die once, you die in that game and lose everything.

This game is the definition of replay value, no matter how many times you finish it you can always pick it up and start again, every time is a different experience.

Even if you think the game is too hard for you, it certainly is worth a try, and for an indie game, you get a lot of game time for little money.


  1. Hmm not a huge fan of indie games but I'll give it a try!

  2. I've only heard about this game but have yet to try it

  3. it' a great game and pretty cheap too