Monday, February 20, 2012

Still here, The Walking dead

Damn days seem to go flying by, and saturday classes don't help my weekend, or 1 day off.

So I've been watching the walking dead since the beginning, and unless you have absolutely no interest for TV shows you probably already watched at least one episode.

And the show came back for the last half of the second season 2 weeks ago, all I can say is that I can see why people wouldn't like this show, specially if you are in it exclusively for the zombies.

It's mostly agreed season 1 was pretty solid, mostly because it didn't have a lot of episodes in the season, so it felt more fast paced and less "boring" scenes, in season 2 the first half was pretty good in my opinion, but there was a lot of character development and changes done to them, so here is where most people had trouble with the show, everyone just wants to see action and it ends up having 30 minutes of development and mostly no zombies and 10 minutes of HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT HEADSHOT.

Still this last Sunday's episode proved that the show is still going strong and had me interested for next week for the first time in quite a while


  1. I actually read volume 11 of the graphic novel in my local library and I have to say it was pretty good but that's all I read. A few months later I bought the entire 1st season after a holiday. I really wish this was showing in Australia. :(

  2. I agree that the first season was pretty good, haven't watched it since it came back. But the first half of this second season didn't have character progress, that was the problem. The story didn't go anywhere and the characters stayed exactly the same.

  3. I've not watched this show yet, but I've heard great things about it.

  4. So many people are talking about this show!