Friday, January 13, 2012

Source Code (2011)

It seems like this shitty internet is never gonna end, hopefully I got my wii working again so I can just space off when it starts failing, anyway movie review time:

So let me start off saying that if a movie has time travel bor anything that involves playing with time, I am instantly interested, and while this movie doesn't have time travel itself, it does involve time loops, think the groundhog day but 8 minutes instead of a day.

This got me interested right from the beginning, having the opportunity to make everything perfect by knowing how shit goes down is a great premise.

Our hero is Colter Stevens a US air force soldier  played by Jake Gyllenhaal (AKA Donnie Darko) and the movie starts with him not knowing what's going on, he goes to the bathroom only to see another face in the mirror, he doesn't know what's going on and then the train blows up, BOOM (and we can keep seeing this awesome explosion throughout the movie)

Along the movie we learn that the source code is a program that allows someone to enter a recreated world of the last 8 minutes in someone's mind (supposedly like a black box of humans), this source code perfectly recreates our world and how things would've gone if people acted differently, he can literally go out of the train and the source code still works basically creating an alternate reality for 8 minutes, this however is not a time machine and everything that happens in the source code is just part of the program, this whole program is for Colter to find the terrorist and stop him before he blows up something else in real life.

Colter does the time loop over and over, and each time he learns new things about everyone in the train and at the same time grows more fond of the woman in front of him, at the same time he starts growing more curious on why is he there and where is his crew is, in the alternate world he investigates about himself and realizes he is dead.

Turns out Colter is dead and his brain is being kept functional with a chamber, some more time loops and then the end.

I would tell you the end but goddamn I don't want to spoil it, it is real good, so I recommend seeing it for yourself.

Overall the movie felt pretty good and the characters were likable and while the idea of the Source Code is a little far fetched it really comes out well as a Sci-Fi. If you like things that involve time shifting, this one is for you.

I give it a 8.5/10


  1. ill check it out sometime thx !

  2. That was a pretty neat movie

  3. Shit... it looked so appealing, but after reading this I'm convinced I would hate this film... even though you gave it an 8.5

  4. i watched it not knowing anything about this. i think i saw a trailer but wasn't interested. The ending was really sweet i must say. really dramatic and awesome. Almost shed a tear.

  5. yea never got round to watching this might do now ^^
    +followed xx

  6. Liked this movie, very deep. But could have made it longer, with more story. +follow

  7. I have GOT to see this movie!

  8. It was a interesting movie. I find it very cool.

  9. Good stuff. I keep coming back to see more, indulge me!

  10. The one thing I did not like about this movie was the trailer.
    It showed too much. I hate to watch a movie when I already know what is going to happen.