Monday, January 21, 2013

Yeahhhh... umm hi?

Welp looks like I'm out of excuses, honestly I'm just gonna casually write here every time I feel like it for now, I get this sudden mood changes that make me think this time I'll be inspired and keep writing but now I understand that's just bullshit. So hey now that I'm here might as well jump into it.

What have I done all this time? What have I been up to? Well, lot's of stuff really but mainly:

Yep, Dota 2, this new valve game caught my eye about 6 months ago, I only played it because a friend of mine had an extra invite so I decided might as well give it a try, "I'm sure it's gonna bore me anyway" boy was I wrong.

Being my first dota-like I came into this game knowing absolutely nothing and started to make my way up the trench, lot's of flaming and retarded teammates later I was 622 hours in approaching fast to my many hours in 4 years of TF2 and in just about 6 months.

Well the fact that you're tied with every game and every game takes about an hour is pretty easy to log in lots of hours on this.

This game is the very definition of huge learning curve, every game you keep learning no matter how much time you've put into it.

These days I put less time into it, but those long vacation days with nothing to do sure went by really fast, if anyone is interested in getting in I might still have an invite or two laying around so contact me fast.

I recommend this game to everyone but I also warn you that you must enter prepared to suck really bad and to get flamed, with time you grow a tougher skin and realize why it can be so frustrating having bad teammates

Anyway I'll probably talk about a movie or a special series you probably watched by now, but for now I might even go play some Dota.

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